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The Secret Profit Strategy that Google, Facebook and Amazon Hope You Never Learn

By Colleen Dorton on February 2020

The digital landscape has evolved significantly over the last few years, and it can be tricky for e-commerce companies to navigate the changes and stand out from the competition.

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Sustainability: What's Next for Amazon

By Taylor Brooks-Murphy on February 2020

In April of 2019, over 6,000 Amazon employees urged the company to release a climate plan and in response, Amazon and Global Optimism announced The Climate Pledge, a commitment to meet the Paris agreement a decade early. The pledge calls on signatories to be net-zero carbon across their businesses by 2040. With over 100,000 fully-electric delivery vehicles and $100 million in reforestation projects around the world, Amazon has stepped up its sustainability initiative, with more progress to come in the future.

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Internet Privacy moves are rising between Governments and Tech companies. Why should you care?

By Allan Jarquin on February 2020

Let me set the stage...

Brands, Publishers and Advertisers have been relying on cookies(AKA Browser or Tracking Cookies) to provide relevant messaging, optimize their advertising efforts and track overall customer and prospect browsing behavior roughly since the internet began.

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Amazon Trends for 2020 and What We're Doing About Them

By Kevin Weiss on January 2020

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Amplio Digital Featured in Best Places to Work in Colorado 2020

By Colleen Dorton on January 2020

At Amplio Digital our employees are our family and are treated as such. When we opened our doors over six years ago, our CEO, Marshall Hayes, knew that in order to achieve the best results for our clients, it was of the utmost importance that our employees are treated with the highest level of integrity, respect, and equality. While our team has expanded over the past six years, we still maintain these core values and continue to grow thanks to the hard work from our amazing team. 

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3 eCommerce Strategies to Make 2020 Shine

By Trish Thomas on January 2020

One of the trickiest things about being an Amazon seller is finding ways to distinguish yourself from your competition – and that’s where having a complete marketing strategy can really make your brand shine.

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4 Telltale Signs Your Brand Has Lost Control of Online Sales and What to Do About It

By Jessica Knopp Cunning on January 2020

Online marketplaces provide superior convenience, access to a vast array of products, and the ability to comparison shop with ease. Having been fully embraced by consumers, online marketplaces are growing rapidly worldwide—and are projected to keep growing at an exponential rate.

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Written in the Stars: How to Increase Your Reviews on Amazon

By Kevin Weiss on December 2019

Amazon has officially surpassed Walmart as the largest retailer on the planet. Now, more than ever, brands are looking for ways to strengthen their presence on Amazon and grow sales fast.

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New Reporting Features for Amazon SBA Campaigns

By Nicole Carlin on November 2019

Until recently, the Amazon Search Term Report has only been available for Sponsored Products (SPA) campaigns. This is a valuable report for advertisers on Amazon, and now that it is offered for Sponsored Brands (SBA) campaigns, we can optimize it in the same, efficient way that we already know how to do for SPA campaigns.

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AMS Now Has Negative Keyword Support for Auto Campaigns

By Kevin Weiss on November 2019

Targeting the right keywords in your sponsored ad campaigns is a successful strategy to get shoppers to your product on Amazon. But it’s just as important to avoid keywords that are not relevant to your campaigns. Negative keywords help you achieve more efficient targeting and consequently increase your return on ad investment.

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